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MLB Guidelines for youth pitchers
by posted 12/13/2014

MLB Pitch Smart


Each organization - whether it be a league, travel team, showcase or tournament - should establish rules for that league to ensure that players must follow the guidelines while playing in that league.  Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the parent and the athlete to ensure that the player follows the guidelines for his age group over the course of a year - given that he will oftentimes play in multiple leagues with different affiliation covering different times of the year.  See the link below for more details.


http://Pitch Smart USA pitching-guidelines.pdf

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AA End of Season Tournament Results
by posted 06/24/2014

Altitude Baseball League

Players, Coaches, Parents, and Managers,

The Executive Board of Altitude Baseball League, along with its member area Presidents and Participants would like to congratulate the following teams on their success in the 2014 AA End of Season Tournament. 


Age Level Area Team Result
8 Majors Brighton Leitch Champion
Majors Thunder Bemis Runner Up
8 Farm Thunder Hines Champion
8 Farm Thunder Thoutt Runner Up
9 AA - D1 Brighton Pier Champion
9 AA - D1 North Thornton Hilyard Runner Up
9 AA - D2 Alameda  Nunez Champion
9 AA - D2 Thunder Kulmann Runner Up
10 AA - D1  Brighton Walta Champion
10 AA - D1 Thunder Goings Runner Up
10 AA - D2 Thunder Krueger Champion
10 AA - D2 North Thornton Schatz Runner Up
11 AA - D1 Thunder Clark Champion
11 AA - D1 Brighton Neubert Runner Up
11 AA - D2 Brighton Higashi Champion
11 AA - D2 North Thornton Weins Runner Up
12 AA  Thunder Georgiton Champion
12 AA Brighton Reese Runner Up
13 AA - D1 Golden Anderson Champion
13 AA - D1     Runner Up
13 AA - D2 Golden Jones Champion
13 AA - D2  Alameda Sisneros Runner Up


Gordon Lancaster
Vice President-Altitude Baseball League (ABL)


Altitude Baseball League

Altitude Baseball League - (ABL) and formerly Jefferson County Junior Baseball League (JCJBL), proudly provides youth baseball for approximately 1,800 children and their families thru its member areas .

Altitude was founded in 1945 and is represented by seven affiliated areas in and around the Denver Metro Area.

Vision  Statement

To  provide a highly  organized  baseball  league  for  the  youth  within our individual  member  areas,  which   achieves excellence  in competitive youth  baseball,  enhances  personal  and   physical  skill  development,  and embraces  the core  value of  serving  the families in each  of  Altitude's respective  communities.

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